About Me

Writing a summary about yourself seems a daunting task.  How do you tell someone you don’t know this is me in a nutshell?  Anyhow I’ll try to give you a little bit of background so that we can become acquainted.

I’m The Broad.  I was so named by my husband’s anti-social best friend, and it stuck.  I am 47 year young woman, wife, and mother.  I was born in Puerto Rico, and raised in Miami. The smorgasbord of a diverse community.  I am independent, strong willed, cuss like a sailor and give no fucks. Mostly.

Growing up with my cousin and his friends made me ¾ tomboy ¼ girlie girl.  When I was home I played with Barbie’s, and the rest of the time I customized bikes, built ramps with tires and plywood, played sports, later transitioning under the hood of fast cars.  In between I read comics, watched Samurai Sunday Showdown, cartoons, and read comics. Then I got my first Pong console, followed by a Commodore 64, and my Atari.  The rest is nerd history.

My family consists of The Hubs, 3 older monkees and a girl.  The 3 monkees are Jesus H. Christ, Mokes, and Robocop. The girl is simply called The Girl.  The hubs is Cuban, so naturally, he exaggerates a lot and the only thing he’s on time for is work. He’s a wonderful husband, great dad, and an amazing artist.  Also, he’s the fixer of all things.  We are all very lucky he found us.  Our extended family consists of four cats named Si (Psy), Am, Silver, and Chi the Robot.

I’m not a “happy homemaker” with “a place for everything, and everything in its place”.  When I get home there are shoes by the front door, backpacks everywhere, dishes in the sink, mail and the like about.  I just don’t have time for that shit.  Except at 4am on Saturdays and Sundays when I know I can enjoy a clean kitchen and a quiet cup of coffee.

I hope you’ll follow my adventures in starting sewing projects that I’ll never finish,  trying to be a good parent while still sucking at it, learning to eliminate clutter, fails that may, or may not make it on Pinterest, weight loss challenges, and my never ending journey to becoming a better me.

Thanks for reading!

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