Basic Knife Cuts Printable

Hey guys,

Today I thought I’d add a cool freebie for you. The Quantity Food Production course is well on track, so I thought I’d make myself a diagram with the basic knife cuts I need to practice for class. I created it in Word because my Photoshop/Illustrator skills kinda suck, but I converted it into a PDF file hoping it would be easier to download.

It’s a very simple true to size document, so be sure to print it the actual size. I printed two copies used a glue stick to keep the pages together and facing out. I laminated it twice so it would have some good weight to it. I keep one on the cabinet door where I store my cutting boards, and another in my notebook to use in class.

As I learn more in class I’ll add more printables for you to use. Hope it’s as a big a help to you as it has been for me. Just click on the link below.

Basic Knife Cuts Printable

True to Size Basic Knife Cuts

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