Happy First Day of Fall!

fall hydrangea

For some of you the beginning of Fall is when you can wear tights without getting all sticky, bad hair days start becoming a thing of the past, scarves become a staple fashion piece, finger-less gloves come out of your drawers and boots walk off closet shelves.

Unfortunately, here in Florida we’re not quite ready for all that, but it does mean temperatures in the mid to high 80’s instead of mid to high 90’s. It also means a definite improvement on bad hair days and make up that can’t help but slide off your face, which is why I try to avoid wearing any in the summer.

I look forward to the shorter days and darker evenings.  Not to mention the search for more comfort foods to add to our menu planning.  I’ve already grabbed my first cup of pumpkin spice coffee from my favorite spot and even indulged in a fresh glazed doughnut.  Just a few more days before I show up to work with a box of apple spice cider mix, apple juice, cider, cinnamon sticks and storage containers in tow.

I can’t wait!  What do you have planned today?

The Broad